About CDS Gromke e.K.
CDS Gromke e.K. was established in 1993 with the vision to provide services related to digital imaging in the professional sector. Today the firm works on complex digitisation projects to develop and ensure archive collections. Based on many years of logistical experience, individual workflows are developed that includes the capturing of metadata. Some of the projects that we complete include the conceptualisation, installation, adjustment programming and maintenance of image and media databases, partly automated data transfers and the development of reliable colour workflows as well as fine art prints. CDS Gromke e.K. is a certified system integrator and sales partner of the firm Canto for Cumulus Digital Asset Management Systems.
Our Concept
We want to be a competent and helpful partner to you. Our competence stems from decades of professional work with photographic images, a wealth of experience in the development and management of digital image and media data, and the constant effort to stay in contact with our partners in the software and hardware industry in order to always utilise the latest developments sensibly.
To be a helpful partner to you in the fullest sense of the word, we offer our distinct services as a supplement to your own service portfolio. Our services therefore range from concrete single services that you would maybe want to outsource, to the development of complete Digital Asset Management Projects.

Nobody can do everything. For special tasks we benefit from the cooperation with our partners and our own contacts with other specialists in the field.

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