2014-11-06: EVA Berlin

At the 6th November we will show at the 21st EVA Conference in Berlin examples of digitisation projects with immediate ingestion of newly generated digital assets into Digital Asset Management Systems. A presentation has been applied for.

CDS Gromke e.K. will have again a booth at the international EVA Conference in Berlin. Main topic will be the efficient digitisation of inventories and the management of image and media data in Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM). Special focus will be on the integration of DAM with collection databases. News and practical examples to topics as follows will be kept ready for you:
  • Planning and execution of digitising projects including caption of metadeata
  • Efficient ingestion into Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM)
  • Integration of collection databases with Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM)
  • Less duplicates by means of single sourcing
  • Communication of image and media data with low network load by collection links

  • In the requested speech „Efficient digitisation of inventories with immediate accessibility of generated assets in Digital Asset Management Systems“ we will represent principles and examples from real life.

    The principle of single sourcing means archiving only high-resolution files and generating working copies of various requirements by the server when needed. Thus museums are in the position to reduce the number of stored duplicates tremendously. Hence one oft the main goals can be achieved – the repression of the exorbitantly increasing storage volume.

    Immediate access to assets and metadata generated in digitising projects ist the key to structured inventories, reduces access times and inspires the attendance in the public.

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