Businesses, public authorities, museums, archives, universities and high schools, scientific facilities and institutions have analogue and digital assets of irreplaceable worth. Effective usage often stands contrary to costly processes for development and research.Obtaining relevant information (metadata) like the title, author, description and copyrights is inter alia, often an additional problem. And often, if a file can be used, there are still manual adaptations to be made. Do you want to streamline these processes substantially? Under the slogan Archive and Protect, Find and Use we gladly provide our knowledge and our many years of experience and skill when it comes to projects for the effective management of digital assets.
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Analogue collections like photos, slides, negatives, plans and prints in various organisational mediums like photo and slide boxes, file folders and storage boxes are stored in various locations. In order to transfer the data to modern structures, we digitise it professionally in order to obtain digital originals Read more →

Digital Asset Management

Do you want to have available and be able to quickly find and effectively use photos, digital copies, text, graphic and PDF documents, videos, PPT presentations, audio files and other media files on a variety of different storage media and in differently constructed file structures? We provide interesting solutions based on Cumulus Digital Asset Management. Read more →


The core of a functioning workflow is an efficient database for Digital Asset Management (DAM). Your brilliance can really only develop properly if the environment is right. You must be embedded in a digital workflow that is aligned to the individual needs of the operators. Read more →


In our training concept we therefore offer online training for the Cumulus Server and the Cumulus Single User. In this way you save time, travel costs and even training costs. We adjust the focus and emphases to meet your needs, deal directly with your questions and arrange an appointment that suits your schedule. Read more →

Fine Art Printing

Consistent ICC colour management ensures the colours of the complete image-generating process and of the editing of the image, up to the moment when you hold the print or photo in your hand. We only print with pigmented ink, for which the manufacturer indicates a long-term stability of more than 200 years. Read more →
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