Digital media data are increasingly determining the daily organisation of businesses, public authorities and cultural establishments. To reduce the associated technical routine work to a minimum, it is necessary for the handling of the data to be planned and transferred effectively and cautiously. The core of a functioning workflow is an efficient database for Digital Asset Management (DAM). Your brilliance can really only develop properly if the environment is right. You must be embedded in a digital workflow that is aligned to the individual needs of the operators.

The DAM system will significantly change the work processes. Since the functioning of the individual processor and user is affected materially, they should be involved in the development of the concept from the outset. We gladly share our experience and support you in the preparatory work.
For this purpose we discuss the following questions with you:
      • How should the dataflow be organised (effective development and capturing of source and metadata, the quality of the source data, the data output requirements, colour management etc.)?
      • What are the subsequent software requirements (capture technologies, conversion and scaling modules, colour management, shopping cart and shop applications etc.)?
      • Are already existing database systems sufficiently equipped to effectively reflect the digital workflow?
      • How should the future concept look?

From this we make suggestions, create rough conceptions and prepare complete and final concepts (as well as duty specifications, functional specifications, tendering etc.).
The handling of image and media data in museums and archives places special demands. In most institutions the collection objects are already managed in museum and archive databases, and a simple image for an image file is attached.
Daily, the number of high-resolution image data increase. Included in addition to photos and documents in collections are to a large extent society photos and photos of events such as exhibition openings, foundation stone laying and so forth. There are also media data of lectures and presentations, as well as videos or layout and graphics developments in public relations.
The utilisation of a Digital Asset Management System is essential in order for the structure of this data to be converted so that the data can be used effectively and, it is advised that the system is linked to the object database. In this way users can access the object database as well as the functionalities of the DAM database and conversely, users can also use information from the DAM system in the object database.
We already have many years of experience in cultural operations, public relations and management, as well as in collective businesses. We will gladly share our accrued experiences and synergies with you and support you with the conceptualisation of a modern workflow for your media data.

We show enthusiasm and dedication in our work.

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