Digital Asset Management

Businesses, authorities, museums, galleries, archives, universities and colleges, scientific facilities and institutions all possess analogue and digital assets of irreplaceable value. Complex archiving and searching processes are often not conducive to effective usage.


In museums, large quantities of image and media data are generated. In addition to the photographic documentation of the collection objects there are photographs of social events, presentation files, videos, rate and layout files, and many more. For the structured provision and efficient availability of these files, Digital Asset Management systems have been developed. Linked with the museum database, a highly modern base is created for the digital documentation in the institution. Read more →


Businesses must nowadays react with particular promptness to enquiries. Image and media data furthermore play an increasingly important role in the run-up to a sale, or as a sales object in itself. Online shops have illustrated that for fairs and exhibitions, the most up-to-date information must immediately be made available and without losing any time, as products and quality control, amongst other things, avail themselves of such visual representations. We offer interesting integration solutions based on Cumulus Digital Asset Management. Read more →
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