Digitising of photograph and graphic collections, paintings, posters and plans
Archives of all kinds contain analogue collections of irreplaceable value that are exposed to gradual deterioration or in the worst case, can be destroyed by sudden events. A majority of the treasures are being preserved as safely as possible and are hardly accessible. Through digitisation the collection is permanently secured and also made available to a wider audience.
The arguments for digitisation are obvious and ensure that the pressure continually increase in the digital world to integrate analogues collections effectively, cost effectively and in the highest quality. The presentations are captured as digital originals without any loss, they are permanently archived, described in terms of additional information (metadata) and readily locatable and retrievable from files.
  • Film scanning of 35 mm, 120 roll film, sheet film, microfilm/negatives and slides/single and separated, strips, complete films, framed/colour and black-and-white
  • Glass plates and special formats
  • Photographs and graphics/large formats/paintings, any sizes up to 2,10 m x 1,50 m per piece, contact-free
We digitise your material to suit your individual needs:
  • Resolution/image size from standard to high-end
  • Indexing by default (allocate filenames)
  • Editing with manual retouching, ICE or without
  • File format
  • ICC colour space
  • Archiving on a data storage device of your choice
  • Adjusting the assets and entering the metadata into the databases
As service providers with our roots in a classical photo laboratory, we have experienced the highs and lows of technology over many years. At the demanding interface of photo, graphics and computer, we are at home.

We regard our service as a contribution to a holistic concept – workflow, color management and data management included into suitable databases.

On request, we also digitise onto original Kodak Photo CD workstations in PCD Image Pac Format.
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