Digital Asset Management with Cumulus is a complex undertaking with many opportunities but also drawbacks. Cumulus can and must be suitable to meet a variety of demands. The extensive range of functionalities cater for almost every demand, but the resultant thick manual requires a lot of study and patience.
In our training concept we therefore offer online training for the Cumulus Server and the Cumulus Single User. In this way you save time, travel costs and even training costs. We adjust the focus and emphases to meet your needs, deal directly with your questions and arrange an appointment that suits your schedule. All information received is clearly presented on your online-computer in no time and without having to travel to and fro. But, you are also welcome to come to us. For group training we either arrange individual appointments at your convenience or in our air-conditioned training centre.
Key points for Cumulus Server processor:
    • Philosophies and models
    • Conceptualisation of a database
    • Creating catalogues in Cumulus
    • The correct settings for your workflow
    • Cataloguing and data entry
    • Monitoring, useful tools and upgradability
Key points for Cumulus Server users:
    • Cumulus client/web client/sites
    • Search and filter functions in detail
    • The viewing of records
    • Exporting and printing
    • Examples
Key points for the Cumulus single user:
    • Installation and first considerations
    • Setting up and customising to your needs
    • Structuring of images and documents
    • Indexing and editing
    • Efficient searching and finding
    • Assistance, aid and further possibilities

We can change these key points on request, to meet your needs.

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